About the server

Server created for fair and fun pvpve experience. Admins are glad to help with certian things like getting a dino unglitched. We will not spawn in dinos or items for players, including ourself. Basicly have fun while following the server rules.

  • X6 Taming
  • X4 Harvest Amount
  • X3 Egg Hatching
  • X3 Baby Mature Speed
  • X4 XP Multipier
  • 20% Increase for Mating Interval
  • 15 Minute Save Interval
  • Ark Upload and Download Enabled (Internal Cluster)
  • Titanosaur Disabled
  • Any tribe memeber can help with imprinting
  • PvP structure decay enabled (Setting doesn't stay enabled for some reason)
  • Unlimited mindwipe enabled
  • Fog is disabled
  • Mod list
  • Structures Plus (S+)
  • Advanced Rafts
  • Server List

    The choice is yours...

    Eden (Island)
    Arcadia (Ragnarok)
    Nibiru (Genesis)
    Zion (Exinction)

    Many travels, many fortunes
    - Egil's Saga, Ch.38


    Discord & Email are the only functional buttons. The rest are fillers.