[Old] DODO Wars, Jousting, Last Tribe Standing!

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[Old] DODO Wars, Jousting, Last Tribe Standing!

Post by Wafflez19 »

First Event to be hosted will be DODO WARS! Who will beat the last victor Caz and his horde of mutated dodo's! Breed your dodos up this week! Bring down the reigning champion! You will win honor! And the prize of ....180 before tame otter! Event will start at 5:00pm Mt Time Saturday 9/16 at Server Arena!

Second Event Will be Jousting! Get yourself a nice prize horse for this one! Tournament Style event, the winners of each end bracket will go against each other! Prize for this event will be a lighting Wyvern Lvl 260. Donated by Darkstar. This event will occur after dodo wars.

Last tribe standing! Do your mates and you have what it takes to beat out all the rest! Each tribe will get their own building set up on opposite sides of eachother. Items can be located in the buildings randomly to help you beat out the competition! The main point of this event is to tranq the other tribe , and bring their members into cages! First tribe to capture all the rest are the winners! Keep in mind u can steal items from the other tribes building , as well as unlock the cages to free your tribe mate (tribe mates stuck in the cages can not escape themselves). Prize for this event 180 before tame piggy and ascendant torch blueprint!This event will occur after jousting.

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