Server Rules

  • No Blocking/Building in Caves with Rich Resources or Artifacts in them.
  • No Blocking/Building on Resources Such as Rich Metal, Pearls, etc. Normal metal nodes are fine to build on if not excessively blocking them.
  • No Blocking/Building on Obelisk.
  • Any cheating or bug abuse will be punishable by instant ban.
  • This is a PVP server however griefing a player/tribe continuously is not acceptable. Admins will give up to 2 warnings, however the 3rd occurrence will result in being banned from server. Keep in mind that if you decide to raid others, you also have a chance of getting raided.
  • No Racist or Bigoted Player/Tribe Names
  • Server Clusters

    The choice is yours...

    Valhalla Cluster
    Vanilla Cluster
    Mythical Cluster
    Lady Bug on a Leaf
    About The Server

    This sever runs 24/7. We automatically check for updates and run a backup every 15 minutes.

    Would you like to know more?
    Lady Bug on a Leaf

    Want to keep updated with the latest news or trade items and dinos when other people are offline? Visit the forums.

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    Questions or Concerns?

    While in game ask for Admin Wafflez or Moki of the Duskfire tribe. Can also be reached through tribe members, Discord, Or Email.

    Have Fun and Enjoy Valhalla Rising!