Server Rules

  • No Blocking/Building in Caves with Resources or Artifacts in them. Warning! If a future patch adds in Resources, an Artifact, or a Dungeon you will be asked to relocate/forced to leave.
  • No Blocking/Building on Resources Such as Rich Metal, Pearls, etc. Normal metal nodes are fine to build on if not excessively blocking them.
  • No Blocking/Building on Obelisk.
  • No Purposely destroying server arena or stealing from server arena. If you are caught doing this you will be banned from the server. Arena is located in the Highlands on Valhalla Rising (Rag).
  • No Purposely destroying new player shack or taking everything from it.
  • This is a PVP server however griefing a player/tribe continuously is not acceptable. Admins will give up to 2 warnings, however the 3rd occurence will result in being banned from server. Keep in mind that if you decide to raid others, you also have a chance of getting raided.
  • No Racist or Bigoted Player/Tribe Names
  • Server List

    Servers are clustered together for travel between maps.

  • Skull Island (The Island) Connect
  • Pandora (The Center) Connect
  • Perfection (Scorched Earth) Connect
  • Valhalla Rising (Ragnarok) Connect
  • Nostromo (Aberration) Connect
  • Test List

    List of servers we are testing that you are free to join. Warning! These test servers might be wiped at anytime (couple minute/day notice).

  • Bismuth (Crystal Isles) Connect
  • Lady Bug on a Leaf
    About The Server

    General info about the server and the hardware it runs on.

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    Lady Bug on a Leaf

    (Old) Updates, Events, Etc

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    Questions or Concerns?

    While ingame ask for Admin Wafflez or Moki of the Duskfire tribe. Can also be reached through tribe members, Discord, Or Email.

    Have Fun and Enjoy Valhalla Rising!